Croatian Cruising Guide

Cruise down the coast of Croatia’s finest waters this summer with a Sunseeker London Group recommended itinerary.


Croatia is known as one of Europe’s most famous places to visit and is an extremely popular Charter destination. The Croatian coast line is surrounded by Islands which have a huge amount to offer, and therefore Island hoping is the best way to explore its beauty and culture. For those who are given the opportunity to visit Croatia we have put together a wide-ranging itinerary to ensure you capture all of Croatia’s hidden beauties and to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The experience of a life time begins at the ACI Marina, Split, where you will board one of our amazing Sunseeker yachts. Split is the second largest city in Croatia so take time to explore the ancient city’s core values. The port is also a great place to capture the views over split’s seafront promenade which can be enjoyed whilst sipping on champagne during your welcome onto the yacht. On your first day you will set sale to the historic town of Trogir, along the way you will be given the opportunity to swim in a quite cove and view some of Croatia’s most famous beaches. When arriving at Trogir there is the chance to explore the tiny island accessible by bridges. The town consist of various restaurants, shops and bars, so you can take in the islands culture and cuisine.

Today you will begin your journey to Town Primošten whilst being accompanied by a fresh cooked breakfast from your on board chef, to ensure you are set for the fun filled day ahead. Your captain will guide you on the way to one of Croatia’s top 10 beaches, Mala Raduča, so you can experience its breath-taking surroundings. The town is grown out of the fisherman village which is built on a rocky peninsula surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. It is most for its old vineyards which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage, and therefore are not to be missed. After exploring all that Primošten has to offer settle your appetite by experiencing the local cuisine in the famous seafood restaurant Santa-Marina.

This morning you will make your way to the town Skradin whilst experiencing a champagne filled breakfast. On the journey you will pass through St. Ante channel which is at the entrance of Šibenik town. Here you will be able to indulge in the culture and view the famous St. Jacob cathedral and the three fortresses guarding it. Shortly after you will enter Skradin which is a stunning town situated at the mouth of the river Krka, here there is a lot to explore. A sight not to missed while visiting is the Krka National Park, this one of Croatia’s eight national parks. It consists of some of the most incredible water falls which you can enjoy by swimming in. After a long day you can return to your home berth to enjoy the chef’s tasty food or it is also possible to eat in the marina of Skradin and experience the array of spectacular restaurants on offer.

Whilst leisurely eating a breakfast of your choice your captain will sale you further along the coast of Croatia to the next destination, Rogoznica. Rogoznica is a small village located in the cove between Sibenik and Split, it is known as one of the safest harbors as it is protected from strong winds. Enjoy the different old-style buildings which stand in the town whilst also make sure to try the famous Babić wine which is made locally. Also, here the locals are spectacular fisher men so trying the local fish is a necessity also enjoy Dalmatian specialties of which is known as Rogoznica stew.

Today is a day filled with exploration and so a nutritious breakfast is made by your on-board chef to ensure you are energised and prepared for a day of excitement. You will next be heading towards Šolta which is famously known for its hidden bays providing a relaxed atmosphere. The Blue Lagoon is the most popular and is located off Krknjasi Island, where lots of water activities take place. The water front has a wide range of restaurants where you can watch the sunset as it is known to be breathtaking.

To begin your day, you will be taken on a cruise along the coast as the holiday is coming to an end these are the last few opportunities to experience the beauty of the Croatian coast line and swim in the magical clear blue seas. When arriving at Palmižana you will see the bay of Vinogradišće situated on the southern side of the island. There are enormous amounts of pine tree forests here with plants such as rosemary. Close by is Hvar an area which is known for having lively night life and so visiting bars and clubs would not go a miss.

To conclude your trip, you will take a wonderful cruise back along the coastline to route back to Split. Here your Captain and Crew will bid you a fond farewell as you disembark the Sunseeker.

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