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Christopher Head +44 (0) 7774 729 652
[email protected]

Group Sales Director

Born in Essex in 1963, Christopher Head joined the boat business at the age of 16 as an Apprentice Engineer for Lewis Marine. With a firm aptitude for the technical side of the yachting world, Christopher moved into sales at the age of 21 and very quickly became Sales Director in just 3 years.

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Biographie ansehen
Richard Tilley +44 (0) 7785 347 116
[email protected]

Sales Broker & Sales Director of Sunseeker Spain, Portugal, Germany and Poland

After graduating with BA Hons degree in Maritime and Business Law in 2001, Richard headed to Mallorca to enjoy a summer job with Sunseeker. 15 years later Richard is Sales Broker & Sales Director of Sunseeker Spain

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Biographie ansehen
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